[ SWEAT ] 2013 performance

Throughout the globe the commons was incrementally taken from us - destroying our ability to survive in order to turn us into cheapened laborers for capitalism. With the help of the state, capitalists have and are removing more and more from the commons and placing it into private and public hands.

Along with the material realities of survival (land, food, water, etc) we have also purposefully deskilled so that all our needs would have to be met through consumption and a perverse system of planned obsolescence.

This thread of Eating in Public's work is a small gesture of relearning and repairing. Within our larger goal of reclaiming the commons, we must learn to be commoners so we can live there.

Detritus of global capitalism, bale straps are found around nearly every box shipped across the globe. Binding box to box, paper to paper, everything to pallets. Used once and discarded into the waste stream.

We have found straps on the streets as well as cultivated relationships with businesses who happily save them for us - distribution companies, bookstores, grocery stores, appliance stores, etc etc etc etc etc.

Below are step-by-step downloadable instructions on how to make a small basket with repurposed bale straps.

Downloadable Instructions
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