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(Amaranthus) Amaranth / Kalunay / Pigweed / 莧菜 / राजिगराा
Tender leaves, flowers and stalks are great for stir-frys. Add to soups, omelettes, or oatmeal. Mature seeds of certain amaranth varieties are also used as a grain.

Amaranth Coconut Milk (download)
Amaranth Goma-ae (download)
Amaranth Hush Puppies (download)
Amaranth Ohitashi (download)
Stir-Fry Amaranth Leaves (download)

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(Gracillaria salicornia) Gorilla Ogo
Can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled. Also as added flavoring to dishes.

Pickled Ogo (download)

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(Commelina diffusa) Honohono Grass / Climbing Day Flower
Young leaves and blue flowers can be eaten raw in salads, or juiced for flavoring. Young stems can be steamed and eaten as cooked greens.

Honohono Grass Ice Cream (download)

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(Coccinia grandi) Ivy Gourd / Pak Tum Lung / 红瓜 / आइवी लौकी / Tindora
Young shoots can be used raw in salads, or stir-fried, and added to soups and stews. Ripe gourds are bitter and can used like bitter melon. Often made into curries.

Ivy Gourd Shoots Omelette (download)
Ivy Gourd Shoots Stir Fry (download)

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(Plantago) Laukahi / おおばこ / Piantaggine / Common Plantain / White Man's Foot
Use young leaves raw in salads, or cook via stir-fry, add to soups and stews. Dried seeds can be used as a grain sparingly.

Laukahi Seed Kiawe Rolls (download)

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(Artemisia argyi) Mugwort / Nagadona / 艾蒿 / よもぎ / Gänsefuß
Leaves and buds picked shortly before flowering can be used as a bitter flavoring agent. It is the classic seasoning for Christmas roast goose in Germany. In Japan, it is used in sweets and savory roasted mochi.

Mugwort Chili Jelly (download)

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(Centella asiatica) Pohe kula / つぼ草 / Gotu Kola / Asiatic Pennywort / 积雪草 / 雷公根
Use as a leafy green cooked or raw. A common ingredient in Sri Lankan mallung. Can also be made into juice.

Pohe Kula Sambola (download)

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(Portulaca oleracea) Purslane / 쇠비름 / Khorfeh / Luni-bhaji / Yerba Orate / 马齿苋 / Bakleh / 滑草/すべりひゆ
Stems, leaves and flower buds can be used raw in salads, or stir-fried. Also can be added to soups and stews.

Potato with Purslane (download)

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(Ipomoea batatas) Sweet Potato Leaves / Lá Khoai Lang / 地瓜葉 / 고구마 잎
Younger leaves are great for stir-frys. Add to soups and stews.

Pickled Palula (download)
Stir-Fry Sweet Potato Leaves (download)


Weedz ben given one bad rap, but dey ken be ono grindz. I no mean pakalolo, but da regular kine weedz dat stay growing in yoah auntie's backyahd, da sidewalk, da pahking lot, da pahk kine places. In da Oxford English Dictionary I wen look up da word "weed." It wen say dat weedz are just plants dat no get value, no get beauty. But it also wen say dat weeds grow so wild n strong dat dey can take over "superior vegetation" (da kine stuffs you buy in da supahmahket). So I wen get curious and I wen I read sum mo about weedz. I wen find you can grind plenny weedz dat taste ono.

Da reason we no eat weedz is cause we not supposed to like get stuff fo FREE. If we get stuff fo free dat is bad fo capitalism and dat's how our economy is run. Wen we cut down our reliance on capitalism we ken be begin fo be free.

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Weeds have been given a bad reputation but they are a spectacular movable feast. By weeds I am not referring to pot, but the regular herbaceous plants that grow everywhere, where no one planted them. Your aunt's backyard, by the sidewalk, parking lots, park, etc. According to the Oxford English Dictionary weeds are plants that are not valued for their use, or beauty. Plants that grow wild and strong. So wild and strong that they can take over the growth of what some call 'superior vegetation' - meaning those you buy at garden stores and supermarkets.

There many weeds that are edible and many of them taste really good! We are rarely informed about this because being able to get stuff for FREE is bad for capitalism. Freedom from capitalism begins when we diminish our reliance on it.