Pālolo Freestore (plants and seeds ONLY)


  1. For address, message @Palolo Freeplants on Facebook.
  2. Hours: 7am-7pm. Dogs barking late will upset neighbors.
  3. Anyone and everyone can participate.
  4. *No one works at the Freestore. It is autonomous, meaning all users are expected to contribute to its maintenance. (an·ar·chism /ˈanərˌkizəm/ n. the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.)
  5. Respect neighbors. Do not block driveways with cars. Pull into driveway or use street parking. No parking on the corner.
  6. TURN OFF YOUR CAR. Global warming is bad enough as is.Do not take the containers holding the plants unless they are potted plants.
  7. If you drop off plants, label what they are. Sharpie on cardboard works great. Put a rock on, or nail through, the cardboard. DO NOT LEAVE DISEASED PLANTS.
  8. Recycled containers offerings of 100 or more of same size/shape stackable pieces accepted with prior approval from @Palolo Freeplants
  9. Many many more Freestores are needed. Start one!!

     Sorry, Free Store does not accept checks, credit cards, paypal, venmo or cash…

FREE STORES are anti-capitalist and *anarchist. They are permanent spaces for autonomous exchange. Nothing is for sale. They are not owned, managed, monitored, or surveilled. There is no paid staff. They only keep going if the people who use them keep them going. Unlike Santa and the State, Free Stores give equally to the naughty and the nice. No one’s labor is exploited and no tax-deductions are offered. They are, in all of the word’s various definitions, free.

     TAKE = act without shame
     LEAVE = share without condition
     WHATEVAS = trust without apology


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